Our customers can choose individually from our facade systems for their Mobile Home or Tiny House. These range from real wood to easy-care wood imitation systems.

Our customers can choose individually from
our facade systems for their Mobile Home or Tiny House.
These range from real wood to easy-care
wood imitation systems.


Sale of Tiny Houses and Mobile Homes (winter-proof)

Humans don’t need much space to lead a happy life. All we need is comfort, cosiness, our own little piece of freedom and fulfilment. Our mobile Tiny Houses and Mobile Homes, also called small wooden houses on wheels (also available without chassis), give you precisely this feeling.

Our houses are built so that anyone can feel at home in them. From 9 – 20 square metres, our Tiny Houses (wooden houses) provide you with natural comfort; if desired fitted with a bathroom (shower and WC), bedroom, kitchen and a living area, based on your wishes. We have just added Mobile Homes to our range! With these we can achieve a space of up to 100 square metres! The motto here is: be independent and want for nothing. A fireplace or, if desired, a gas heating provides a warm and cosy atmosphere.

We build your Tiny House on wheels for a fixed location, but also for the road. By means of a water tank and a PV installation, you can travel independently and be comfortable at the same time.

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Tiny House News

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Then write us an e-mail at info@mobiles-tiny-haus.de and come and visit us on our 1,500 sqm exhibition site! To find out when our next exhibition days will take place, please write us an e-mail; we are happy to answer your enquiry! You can have a look at the following models: Tiny House Finland, Tiny House Austria, Tiny House Sweden, Tiny House Canada, Tiny House Alp-Cabin, Tiny House Alp Rustic, Tiny House kids’ hut, Mobile Home Austria, Mobile Home Canada, Tiny House Office, Tiny House model Togetherness.

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Interview with TV station SAT1

Report: Tiny House
Introducing our wooden houses

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Our Tiny Houses were in the German Magazine “Zeitschrift für Wohnträume” in the article “A Wish Comes True”.  » Download the entire (German) article here (PDF Download)

Tiny House Blog article

Our Tiny Houses on the German Blog of “wohn-blogger.de” with the article “Zu Besuch auf dem Ausstellungsgelände von Mobiles Tiny Haus”. » Read the entire (German) article here

Tiny House at Trade Fairs

Trade fair report: Tiny House
Radio Hanover

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For further information about press, TV and trade fairs with our mobile Tiny Houses, view: » Press & Events

Our models are suitable for all seasons!

In the Alps or at the sea, in deep snow or in the blazing sun: all our Tiny House and Mobile Home models are suitable for all seasons.

Open the door, step inside and smell the natural wood and essential oils. Take a deep breath and realise that you are not on holiday, but in your own new home! A home that you can leave in your friends’ or family’s garden. A home that can bring you to the most beautiful places on Earth. Or that can perhaps be your relaxation room for taking a breather from work. Maybe it can be a small Tiny House for your children or your guests, parents or grandparents.

Have you been dreaming of a holiday home at your favourite destination. Young or old, businessman, student or performer: everybody can feel at home in our little wooden houses and find peace and quiet. Our Tiny Houses give you a piece of tranquillity and well-being.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)