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Mobile Home Canada:

The Mobile Home named model “Canada” has a variety of possible uses.
It is perfect as a fixed residence, as an office, or as an object for renting out for a hotel complex or a glamping site.

Erhältlich in den Maßen:
Length: 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m
Width: 2.5m 3.5m 4m and 4.5m
Height: Up to 3.85 m (up to 54 sqm per house)

One can also connect two modules to another. So that we can achieve a space of 104 sqm.

Wall frontage / wooden facade

Our beautiful Mobile Home Canada

Our beautiful Mobile Home named model “Canada”  provides space for people as a fixed residence, a holiday home or as a commercial object. Our Mobile Home model “Canada” differs from our » Mobile Home Austria in its build, layout and the materials used.

  • The Mobile Home named model “Canada” has a flat roof, with an open (like in the pictures), or if desired, closed beam structure that gives the house a touch of cosiness.
  • The Mobile Home is insulated with rock wool: Walls, floor and roof. 10-15 cm insulation are considered winter-proof in the field of mobile home construction.
  • The Mobile Home is heated via infra-red radiators (electric) and via a wood-burning oven. If desired, a gas-heating system from the company Junkers is also possible.
  • Interior cladding is real wood matt coated birch, or if desired spruce/pine or recycled plastic. The plastic casing is wipeable and available in different colours.
  • The exterior cladding is made of Siberian larch Trendliner
  • Trendliner features a convincing and exquisite modern and sophisticated look – for renovation or new construction.
    When installed, Trendliner looks like a complex area of rhombic cladding with black underlaid sarking. The black contrast tongue has the appearance of panelled cladding.
  • Trendliner is made from Siberian larch. This wood is characterised by a fine knot structure and close annual rings.
  • Using Trendliner facade profiles makes for very fast installation. Installation costs can thereby be reduced significantly; this makes these profiles perfect for Mobile Homes.

From the left: Rounded edges / angled edges

The shading achieved here emphasises the black contrast tongue. Available in Natural like in the pictures or in Grey.

  • If you are not interested in wood, we can also use a recycled exterior cladding.  Modelled on nature. Multi layered like wood. More durable than wood. Save our forests from deforestation. Help save important raw materials. Our regional supplier uses recycled plastic granulate from their own recycling plant. In specially developed facilities, waste from PVC production is recycled immediately and fed right back into the production process. The net fallout is under 1%. Save our forests from deforestation. These profiles are made from 100% recycled plastic and are coated with a uv-resistant structure film. The profiles have the same qualities as wood regarding design possibilities. These facade systems are completely free from softening agents and other toxins such as biocides. The profiles and washable and colour-fast. There is no need for time-consuming maintenance in the form of regular coatings with wood protection here. The mounted face with air space allows the framework to remain permanently dry, warm in winter and cool in summer. The reliable tongue and groove system can be mounted in a quick and clean manner.


  • The roof is made of aluminium and has winter-proof insulation. This model has a roof overhang of 15 cm and exterior lighting. Why have a roof overhang? This reduces the “container character” of the house and holds off the rain. Furthermore, the exterior light fitting can be mounted here. Additionally, we can install a rain gutter, if desired.
  • A fully equipped bathroom with shower, WC and basin provides luxury in a small space for our customers. If desired, a bath tub or a sauna like in the picture is available
  • A fully equipped kitchen with stove, oven, dishwasher, sink, fridge and modern top and base cabinets with LED lighting. The customers can choose the worktop from various looks.
  • The bedroom area in our Mobile Home Canada provides space for a double bed and if desired, a walk-in closet. In our pictures you can see a few examples with a wardrobe between the two rooms and behind the two rooms.
  • The dimensions for this model can vary. From a length of 12 m to a width of 4.5 m (54 sqm). Here are only two of many possible examples. It is possible to individually plan the layout with up to 3 bedrooms.
  • The Mobile Home in the picture is 10m in length and 4.5 m in width (45 sqm). The height is 3.90 m (height of pitched roof).
  • Transportation takes place via a transporting company, which we can organise for you. This applies to assembly as well.
  • If desired, we can case the wheels so that the house looks like a “real”, fixed house.
  • You like the model, but you do not need a Mobile Home? Then you can also order homes without the chassis!
  • NEW: if you want to use the object as a holiday home to rent out: We recommend not choosing wooden exterior cladding in this case; here we have a novelty in our range: imitation wood resembling Siberian larch. This product is unbeatable regarding lightweight longevity and durability. It is not necessary to give this material any exterior treatment, even after years of usage.
  • We recommend obtaining a permit from your respective authorities for your Mobile Home, even though the home is on wheels.

Profile example 

Come home to a place where your heart and soul can find tranquillity.