We fit your Mobile Home according to your wishes

Your Mobile Home can be a holiday home, your living space, a mobile party house or art studio. The range of possibilities to incorporate a Mobile Home into your life is vast.

A Mobile Home as a yoga room, as an object to rent out, as an art studio, as a mobile therapy room, a party room or as a mobile hunting lodge. All of these are implementable ideas.

Contact us with your idea and we will help you make your dream come true!

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Possible uses for your Mobile Home

  • living space
  • holiday home or private retreat
  • camping house
  • tree house
  • therapy room or yoga room
  • garden house
  • office
  • art studio
  • house for grandparents or guests
  • party house
  • several carriages as an extension to a hotel or holiday resort

What is the difference between a Mobile Home and a Tiny House?

A mobile home is bigger and provides more amenities. No weight restrictions apply to mobile homes; therefore, you can install nearly everything you like to feel at home!

For example, a fully equipped Nobilia kitchen, a fully equipped bathroom with shower, bathtub and WC, a box-spring bed and other high-qualities features for our customers.

The exterior cladding is made from Siberian larch, the interior is made up of natural birch. The floor and the kitchen wall’s design is compiled in a wood look. An open beam system holding the ceiling makes for a modern approach with a cosy touch.

Customers can decide if they would like an open shower or a glass barrier in the bathroom, a bathtub or a small sauna.
The interior is designed individually: for a family with children, for singles or couples with pets; everything is possible.
Our Mobile Homes are available in summer-proof and winter-proof, with rock wool or wood wool insulation ranging from 5 – 15 cm. Customers can freely select underfloor heating, a gas or infra-red system.

Our Mobile Homes are also available without a chassis. Our Mobile Homes with normal chassis are transported to the plot with a low loader and unloaded with a towing vehicle.

The price ranges between 1.700 and 1.900 €/sqm, including kitchen, bathroom and box-spring bed

Come home to a place where your heart and soul can find tranquillity.