Mobile Homes

Our Mobile Homes allow you to implement your own layout

Our Mobile Homes are the larger models amongst the mini homes. With up to 60 sqm of living space our clients have the opportunity to implement their own layout.

Up to four people can make themselves at home in the small space of our Mobile Homes. Our Mobile Homes’ unique selling point is wood. Furnished with a beautiful kitchen and a fully equipped bathroom, infra-red heating, gas heating, wood-burning oven or as an empty home with all connections. With or without roof overhang and exterior lighting. We provide maximum flexibility for our clients.

Do you have a suitable plot of land and are you interested in our Wooden Homes? Then make an appointment with us!

Wall frontage/wooden facade

Example Mobile Homes

Our Mobile Homes are fitted with wall insulation made of up to 200 mm rock wool or wood wool. You as the client can have a say in the wall thickness. Interior and exterior cladding can be designed flexibly. Different types of wood and different colours ensure a variety of possibilities.

If you would like to flexibly design your own layout and the interior and exterior cladding in your mobile home, this model is perfect for you!

For this example, the client chose an exterior cladding made of Siberian larch and an interior made of birch.

A mixture of modern, cosy and rustic makes our Mobile Homes special. Wooden beams perfect the modern and cosy feeling. The sturdy chassis is individually manufactured to fit the Mobile Homes’ weight.

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