Vital Camp GmbH provides an ALL-IN package

Aside from planning, consultation, sales, project execution and delivery, we now also offer professionally prepared documents for building authorities, financial advisers and – most recently – preparation for your plot, including all connections (foundation / water / waste water / electricity), within the European Union.

Thank you for your trust in our company!
Your Mobile Tiny House Team by Vital Camp GmbH

Our services

  • Monthly exhibition days on 1,500 sqm exhibition site
  • Individual offer, consultation and on-site planning
  • Individual layout planning and construction
  • Financing models for private and commercial customers
  • Specialists for permits (preliminary building application and building application)
  • Plot preparation
    – foundation
    – water / waste water / electricity
  • Transport coordination

Only 10 steps

from your first e-mail or telephone contact to your move-in-date

1. Fall in love with the house

On our exhibition site you can always view 8-10 models. Once a month we host exhibition days: here you can view and appraise all of our models and ask our salespeople and craftspeople questions.


2. First rough quote

Once you have decided on one of the houses, you can discuss everything with us via e-mail or telephone and we will send you a non-binding offer.


3. Financing:

Would you like to finance your house? We have a financial adviser who can get in offers from different banks for you, free of charge.


4. Permit:

If you like our offer, it’s best to obtain a permit from your local authorities that allows you to set up your house on your desired plot.
If you already have a plot or have your eye on one, you should talk to our expert. If desired he can take over necessary steps for you: from a preliminary building application to submitting a building application. If you know your community and local authorities well, you can of course do all of this yourself.


5. Transport permit:

It is equally important to find out beforehand if it is possible to deliver to your plot.
If desired we can organise transportation for you. In this case, you would receive a quote from a transportation company. The price of this quote depends on the conditions on-site and on the distance of transportation.


6. Individual planning:

When you have found your plot and have permission to put up our houses, you will design your house together with us and talk about all the details at our office.


7. Contracts and commencement:

After the contract has been signed and a first deposit of 60% of the total sum has been laid down, we start by procuring the elements for construction. When we begin production, the second deposit of 35% is due. On finishing the project with your approval in the factory, the remaining 5% of the total sum are due.


8. Preparation on the plot:

For our houses pad or strip foundations are sufficient. The customer should already have connections for water, waste water and electricity supply in place before transportation of the house occurs. An even surface is important. If desired we can organise the preparation of your plot.


9. Delivery:

When all 8 steps have been executed, the house can be delivered.
The transportation company also offers to set up and align mobile houses. This can be determined and arranged beforehand in your quote.


10. Connection:

When the house has been delivered, set up and aligned, it can be connected to the water, waste water and electricity supply. Normally, the customer organises this with a company near the site. If you decided to install a gas heating, a heating contractor should set up the heating.

When all of these steps have been performed…
You have made it and you can move into your cosy home!
We look forward to helping you find you own individual home

Come home to a place where your heart and soul can find tranquillity.