Mobile Tiny House Australia 🇦🇺

Mobile Tiny House Australia

New: Tiny House Australia now also available without wheels!

If you decide against a mobile Tiny House and want to set it up in your garden – in this case we do not have to deal with weight restrictions for the road – we can manufacture your Tiny House without the chassis and build it as a “normal”, fixed Tiny House.

The Tiny House model Australia is perfect for 2-4 people – for going on a trip or as a holiday home or fixed residence.

Available in 6 m x 2,5 m

Our model Tiny House Australia

The small Tiny House hat a cosy, rustic look and has enough space for up to 4 people due to its two sleeping alcoves.

The Tiny House:

  • is equipped with a wooden veranda and large astragal terrace windows
  • is insulated with mineral wool – even on cold days the mobile Tiny House on wheels maintains a cosy atmosphere.
  • has a detachable ladder by means of which you can reach the sleeping loft. (1.60m x 2.00m)
  • The downstairs sleeping area is equipped with a 1.20m x 2.00m bed.
  • An L-shaped couch next to the entrance provides enough space for 2 people.
  • A folding table with two chairs is positioned opposite the kitchen.
  • The kitchen is fitted with a sink, a stove and a small fridge. The house is equipped with a Truma gas heating, which can be set to 230 and 12 V, as required.
  • The bathroom is fitted with a camping toilette, a shower (0.80×1.00m) and a basin with a base cabinet.
  • On the opposite side of the Tiny House, above the L-shaped couch, we have installed some storage space.
  • The Tiny House is available in 6m length and 2.5m width. If the Tiny House is built to be roadworthy, we of course consider the customer’s wishes and pay special attention to the weight. The Tiny House is then built with 6 m length and a total weight of 3 t.
    Available with different exterior cladding types and in different colours. Production time: 8-15 weeks.

Finishing Tiny House Australia yourself

We build the casing with all windows and exterior cladding, winter-proof insulation with 10 cm rock wool. You can finish the interior of your Tiny House yourself after benefiting from a consultation with us. The customer provides their own material.

At the moment we are manufacturing a Tiny House for our exhibition site, with a special, brand new to the market, exterior facade which is light and weatherproof and therefore perfect for European roads.
If you would like to purchase the house in an empty state to implement your own ideas, the price is 39,000 €, complete with all connections and winter-proof mineral wool insulation.

Come home to a place where your heart and soul can find tranquillity.