Mobile Tiny House Finland ??

Mobile Tiny House Finland

New:  Tiny House Finland now also available without wheels!!
Also available as a Mobile Home  with 12 m length and max. 4.5 m width.

Available in 4, 6, 7 and 8 metres.

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Our model Tiny House Finland

has a very modern and open design.

The main difference to the » Tiny House France, » Tiny House Sweden and » Tiny House Canada is that this house only has one level and is also available as a Mobile Home.

It is perfect for senior citizens or for disabled people. It has large-scale windows and lots of free moving space. Due to its height (2.6 m) it is perfect for the road.
If desired and for an additional charge, we can build in a small kitchen unit and a fully equipped bathroom.
The same applies to a large bed or a U or L shaped couch.
The wooden house is available in 4m 6m, 7m and 8 m length and 2.5 m width. If the wooden house is built to be roadworthy, we of course consider the customer’s wishes and pay special attention to the weight. The wooden house is then built with 6 m length and a total weight of 3 t. From 7 m the wooden house will be heavier than 3.5 t.

Come home to a place where your heart and soul can find tranquillity.