Mobile Tiny House Office Norway

Mobile Tiny House Office Norway

New:  Our mobile Tiny House Office Norway is also available without wheels!!
Also available as Mobile Home  with 12 m length and max. 4.5 m width.

Available in 2.5 x 4 or up to 6 metres.
Price from 32.000 € (incl. delivery, plus VAT)

» Download Specifications (German)

More durable than wood and modelled on nature

Our Tiny House Office is manufactured with VinyPlus; these profiles are made up of 100% recycled plastic. We also use these materials on our  » Mobile Home Sweden . There, you can find more detailed information to VinyPlus.


Vinylit color scale Mobiles Tiny House

Our Tiny House Office Norway

Our Tiny House Office is perfect for commercial use.

As your own office in the garden or as an extension for an already existing office or mobile office for concerts, festivals or trade fairs. Available in 4-8 m length, the Tiny House Office is made for these purposes. Construction at ground level makes for hassle-free transportation.

The exterior is an exception on this model; we do not use wood here (wooden exterior is of course available if desired), but instead recycled plastic sheets in different sizes. The main advantage over wood is that the plastic is weather-resistant and very easy to handle. Painting will not be necessary, even when the house gains in age. Another upside is the weight: this Tiny House is very light. Check out colour samples on our exhibition site.

Also available as a Mobile Home.

Come home to a place where your heart and soul can find tranquillity.