Tiny House Service

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Apart from detailed planning, and quality manufacturing and construction, we offer our customers a very special additional service:

To set up a Tiny House or a Mobile Home (to live in yourself or to rent out), you need to first obtain a permit or road approval from your respective authorities.

As of November 2018, we offer our customers the opportunity to work with a construction expert, who submits a preliminary building application, a building application and if desired provides an assessment of the desired plot; all according to the customers’ wishes.

We also have a financial advisor who works with the customer to plan financing. Furthermore, we organise the entire transportation for each Tiny House or Mobile Home.


Tiny House Service - Matratzen von den Noxbrothers

Tiny House Service – Mattresses from Noxbrothers

Tiny House Service - Matratzen von den Noxbrothers


Test and purchase mattresses in our Tiny Village

tel: +49 (0) 511 30 49 693
web: www.noxbrothers.de


Tiny House Service Waas

Tiny House Service Waas

Tiny House Service Waas

CARAVAN SERVICE WAAS (owner: Martin Waas)
Warburger Str. 45
34246 Vellmar

tel: + 49 (0) 561- 82 03 527
web: www.caravan-service-waas.de

All repairs, TÜV, gas test and special entries, custom-built designs authorised Truma dealer and service partner